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Tulsa Race Massacre

Spring Into Poetry

Engaging With The Environment

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At Purple Porch Food Co-op

Lucy, Age 10

I love The Brain Lair Bookstore! As an avid reader, I've been eating up books since a young age, but many have had similar storylines and perspectives. I couldn't believe how many diverse stories could live in one small bookstore! I spend my allowance every month on new releases, and eagerly await each new book. I am grateful to be part of a Mock Newberry book group that meets each month at the store. Not only has this introduced me to many new books and authors, I've also learned about how the Newbery Award Selection Committee operates. I've also had wonderful opportunities to meet some of my favorite authors, especially Kwame Alexander. 

This bookstore had changed my life. My mom says that's a dramatic statement, but it's true. Because now I see the world through the eyes of so many perspectives different from my own.

Christina C

One of the things we most appreciate about owner Kathy Burnette is her expertise, honesty, and dialogue. My girls look forward to talking books with Kathy, knowing that she will treat them as equals, listening, debating, and critically engaging with the books. In doing so, Kathy has taught my girls how to read with a critical eye, interrogating characters, plots, and themes in a rigorous way. At the same time, Kathy never loses sight of the joy of reading, and is an amazing model of the reading life to them as well.